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After obtaining her M.D. and having completed her psychiatric residency training in 1986, Dr. Terri Yu practiced psychotherapy, taught and conducted research at Capital Institute of Medicine in Beijing, China, until July 1989, at which time she resigned from her teaching and research position due to the political conflicts with the government’s policy towards Tiananmen Square “June 4th Democratic Movement”.

Terri continued practicing psychotherapy in private practice until she came to work at the Jewish General Hospital, a McGill University Teaching Hospital, in Montreal Canada, in 1991 to further her academic research in transcultural psychiatry and psychotherapy.

One of the major research projects she participated has been a long-term psychotherapy study where factors such as types of therapy, coping/defense mechanisms, self-defeating patterns and therapists factors were measured and examined, among others, in order to determine the efficacy of long term psychotherapy, compared to other forms of therapies.

At the same time Terri established her psychotherapy practice in Montreal and her clinical interests in psychotherapy include:

  1. Discovering and overcoming Self-Defeating Patterns;
  2. Self-harming behaviors of sufferers of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and the way(s) to healing;
  3. Helping people change their “Mal-coping” methods by creating and rebuilding a “true self”;
  4. Providing new perspectives (a fresh look at an old “problem”) and insights….

Terri is a firm believer in self-examination and the resilience of our spirits; no matter how much one has suffered in early childhood, young or late adulthood, and despite one’s psychic fragility.

Throughout the years, her severely disturbed patients’ journeys have been the proof of this spiritual and psychical resilience, as long as they persevere towards achieving mental health and psychic growth.

Dr. Terri Yu is currently a member of OACCPP ( and a verified member of GoodTherapy (