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Dr. Terri Yu provides psychotherapy, counseling and emotional consultation services in her office setting in Montreal, Canada, or through the telephone and the internet. In addition, for patients with special needs, she practices the "dying art" of home visits in selected regions of Ontario and Quebec.

She established her practice with the aspiration of assisting people on their journeys to emotional and spiritual health and discovering their road to recovery from psychic pain and suffering.  The objective of therapy of such nature is not only to heal the “sickness” of the mind, but also to help patients utilize their full potential – turning impasses into new beginnings.

As the oracle of Delphi states, “Know thy self”, such therapy holds a mirror to the soul of the seeker. Hence the therapist’s task is to midwife the patient in giving birth to this self-knowledge while he/she delves into the depth of his/her psyche.

Often times people entered “healing conversations” with their therapist because they had been experiencing certain symptoms such as depression, anxiety, inability to function appropriately (prone to anger outbursts or having relationship troubles for instance), or unable to think clearly.  To the surprise of most, through this particular kind of dialogue and the experience of the “sample” therapeutic relationship with their therapist, they discovered that they gained a different perspective and learned the depth of themselves, of which they had been unacquainted before embarking on this emotional journey. More often than not, their symptoms “disappeared”, and change occurred in a fundamental way in their internal life and their relationships with others around them.

There are many obstacles in therapy. A major obstruction is the typical phenomenon “the known devil is safer than the unknown angel”. Getting to know yourself is painful; you may expect that you’ll resist it and often times resent it therefore hold ill feelings towards your therapist for he/she is the bearer of “bad news”.